Thumbkandi - The sweet art of texting


What is Thumbkandi?

Thumbkandi is a free mobile messaging application available in over 150 countries worldwide. Send messages to other Thumbkandi users in one-on-one or group chats up to 50 friends at a time!

We are the first messaging app in the world to offer unique hand drawn Icon Collection for every lifestyle. Many of our Icon Collections are free for a limited time.

Thumbkandi is available over WiFi , 3G and 4G cellular networks (may be subject to network charges)

Why should I use Thumbkandi?

Thumbkandi makes texting fun and allows you to express your inner creativity, offering the most rad hand drawn icons on the planet. Say so long to old skool emojicons and hello to fun, clever, unique hand drawn icons for every lifestyle.

How do I get started on Thumbkandi?

Simply go to our Download page and download the Thumbkandi app for free. It takes less than 1 minute! Just enter your cell phone number. Later you can add a profile photo if you want.

Once you enter your info, we will send you a 3-digit verification code via text message. Simply enter the 3 digit code then hit submit and you are on Thumbkandi!

With just a few clicks, you can send quick easy invites to friends through text, email, Twitter or Facebook!

As with all other instant messaging apps, both you and your friend must be on Thumbkandi to send and receive messages so it is suggested that you allow access to your mobile contacts list.

How do I share Thumbkandi with friends?

Simply go to the INVITE tab in the navigation bar along the bottom of the screen. Select one or all of your friends to invite by text message.

You can also SHARE via email, Facebook or Twitter by going to the MORE tab in the navigation bar and selecting SHARE. Your friends will need to download Thumbkandi and register to join the fun.

What information is required to join Thumbkandi?

Just your cell phone number, that's it. You can add a profile photo, email and/or name if you like. Thumbkandi allows you to take a photo or choose one from your photo gallery.

Why I am being asked to enter my phone number?

Your Phone number is required so you will be recognized by your contacts, similar to how the regular texting system works. Thumbkandi respects and values your privacy and keeps your personal information absolutely private.

How much does it costs to use Thumbkandi Messaging?

Thumbkandi is absolutely free, but may be subject to network charges.

How do I import my contacts?

Once you give Thumbkandi permission to access your mobile contacts, Thumbkandi syncs with your phone's contact list and your FRIENDS list always remains updated.

Does Thumbkandi offer Group Texting and Photo Sharing?

Yes, Thumbkandi offers both group texting and photo sharing. You can create groups of up to 50 friends as well as share photos from your camera or photo library.

What is the Store?

The STORE is where the Premium Icon Collections are purchased. The STORE is also where every icon can be viewed in stunning detail. Select any icon to see it up close. Visit the STORE often as our Premium Icon Collections are always being updated.

How much do icons cost?

Many of our Icon Collections are free for a limited time. Once the Free Trial period is over you may purchase Premium Icon collections from the STORE.

What are skins?

Skins are cool backgrounds you can personalize your texting screen.You can find SKINS in the MORE section of the navigation bar.

Can I get more icons?

We are constantly working on new Icon Collections. If you have a good idea for an Icon or Icon Collection, email us at We'd love to hear from you!

Can I use the same Thumbkandi account on multiple devices?

No, unfortunately you cannot access a single Thumbkandi account on multiple devices. You can only register one smartphone per mobile phone number/email address.

Contact us:

If you have any questions we did not answer on this page or have any suggestions to make Thumbkandi better, email your question to and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Thanks for making Thumbkandi your texting platform and sharing it with your friends.